Kris Redding is known as one of the most respected and well liked Casting Directors in the Southeast. With a career which was launched in Los Angeles over 20 years ago, Kris has been casting feature films, television projects, and commercials in Georgia since l994.

Growing up in a number of large cities in the US, and frequently relocating, Kris adapted to learning how to fit in quickly by developing a genuine interest in people. Through studying, observing and befriending people from all walks of life, Kris applied these life skills to casting when it became her chosen profession.

Atlanta Casting Director Kris Redding

Kris has become known as the “go to” Casting Director who is challenged by finding the perfect person for every role. This expertise has driven her to become the best Casting Director for any kind of project in the Southeast. Her resume reflects that she has worked with some of the top Directors, Actors, and Los Angeles Casting Directors in the business.

A career which developed from her childhood desire to “pick the people to be in television shows and movies” has grown into one of the most successful casting companies in the Southeast.

Kris Redding is a proud member of The Casting Society of America (CSA)

Atlanta Casting Director